Cera-Diver 10 m

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Discover the Diver®

Diver water level data loggers are the world’s most widely used and compact instruments for automatic measurement and registration of groundwater level, conductivity and temperature.

Benefits Divers

  • All in one smart water level datalogger
  • No mechanical parts, no wear
  • No air vent; flooding is no problem
  • Ranges vary from 5 – 100 meters !
  • Can be read on site or in-situ with DDC cable
  • Can be combined with e-SENSE telemetry
  • Software enables easy data in and output
  • Many output formats
  • Barodiver logs air pressure variations
  • Smart wizard to subtract air pressure variations
  • Ideal for wells, also applicable in open water
  • CTD variety adds conductivity
  • CTD variety long term sea water proof ceramic


  • Submerged Divers need one air pressure measuring Barodiver per region

Divers come in various types, all with specific features:


  • Perfect long term solution for saline environments 
  • Housing is corrosion proof, robust and durable
  • Available in various measuring ranges

For additional information about the benefits, applications and features of the Cera-Diver, visit our Diver website.
The required software can also be downloaded here


Monitoring well datalogger type Cera-Diver, for measuring and recording groundwater levels/temperatures. Range 10 m, -20 till +80 °C. Memory 48000 measurements. Dimensions 22 x 90 mm. Pressure sensor/housing: ceramic. Accuracy 0.05%/10 m, + 0,1 °C, temperature compensated 0/+40 °C. Warranty 1 year.