Set for pF determination, Ø 53 mm

Laboratory equipment
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For the pF-determination over the complete range from pF 0 to pF 4.2 an extensive set has been composed. The set consists of:

  • A sandbox for pF-determination 0 - 2.0 for a max. of 40 soil sample rings.
  • A sand-/kaolin box for pF-determination 2.0 - 2.7 for a max. of 40 soil sample rings.
  • A membrane apparatus for pF-determination 3.0 - 4.2 for a max. of 15 soil sample rings, including compressor and accessories.
  • A soil sample ring kit (with conical screw thread connection) for taking undisturbed samples to a depth of up to 2 meter.
  • Cases with soil sample rings.
  • Aluminium soil sample boxes for drying the soil samples in a drying oven.

The set can be supplied with soil sample rings and ring holders with a diameter of 53 mm (08.27.SA) and 60 mm (08.27.SB).


Set for pF determination (sandbox method) 0...15 bar of suction. Standard set with sand box (0...0.1 bar of suction), sand/kaolin box (0.1...0.5) and membrane apparatus (1.0...15). With sample ring kit, soil sample rings (Ø 53x50 mm), compressor + accessories.