Hauben water permeameter

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The Hauben water permeameter apparatus is a laboratory test method for establishing the coefficient of permeability or hydrologic conductance of water (vertically) through an undisturbed water-saturated soil sample. The method is suitable for fine-grained soil, especially silt and clay. The principle of the measurement is based on the ‘Falling Head Method’. A head of water is superimposed on the undisturbed water-saturated soil sample. The water will flow through with a certain speed per unit time.
Soil water permeability is the property of the soil pore system allowing fluid to flow through. Generally the pore sizes and their connectivity determine whether a soil has high or low permeability. Water will flow easily through soil with large pores with good connectivity between them. Small pores with the same degree of connectivity would have lower permeability, because water would flow through the soil more slowly.
In many land use systems worldwide soil deformation is a major problem due to increasing land use intensity. Altered soil functions, in particular reduced hydraulic conductivities and impeded aeration, may decrease crop growth and productivity as well as the filtering and buffering capacity of soils. A commonly applied method for the influence of compaction on permeability is determining the hydrologic permeability before and after static loading in oedometer tests.

Benefits Hauben water permeameter

  • Easy manual operation;
  • Proven accurate measurement principle;
  • Efficient multi sample handling using the fast-exchange sample holder;
  • Up to 15 samples per container;
  • Sample sizes, Ø 60x56 h 40.5 mm (optional: Ø 53x50 h 51 mm);
  • Excellent price-quality ratio;
  • Developed in cooperation with Christian-Albrechts University, Kiel.


  • Erosion, drainage, irrigation;
  • Agriculture research;
  • Geo-Hydrologic research;    
  • Environmental research;
  • Basic material research.

User groups

  • Laboratories;
  • Research institutes;
  • Educational institutes;
  • Universities.

Interview with Prof. Horn of the Christian-Albrechts University, Kiel


Hauben water permeameter for saturated hydraulic conductivity measurements on soil samples. Suitable for soil samples Ø 50 and 56 mm. Complete instrument, inclusive sample holder, water container, filter paper and stopwatch.