40" Soft Soil Single Gouge Auger Set

Augering & soil sampling equipment
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Hand-operated equipment can be applied for soil research up to a depth of 5 to 10 meter. In this product information leaflet a number of gouge augers are described. Their mutual quality is that they are all fitted with an almost half cylindrical operational part with parallel cutting edges running vertically, justifying the name gouge auger. This operational part may vary in length as well as in diameter. The most suitable length depends on the penetration resistance, the substance of the soil and the required boring depth. The longer the operational part the more vulnerable the auger is to torsion.

The selection of the most suitable diameter depends on the composition and the structure of the soil and on the purpose of the research. In general a smaller diameter is applied in soils with a fine and/or dense structure, by comparison to soils with a loose structure (for instance young swampy peat).

The single gouge augers can not be extended and are supplied in various lengths and diameters. The single gouge augers too are delivered in standard sets:

  • A set for sampling more or less soft soil layers (art. no.: 04.01.SA) with two gouge augers having different lengths but the same diameter, packed in a strong carrying bag.

Benefits Single gouge augers

  • Non toxic high tensile strength steel
  • Large diameter for nice samples from soft soil
  • Small diameters for medium to soft soils
  • Perfect for rapid soil profiling
  • Push, twist, pull; that’s it! 


  • Gouge bodies will not be filled completely in medium-harder soils
  • Should not be hammered


Because of the minimal disturbance of the sample, the gouge auger is frequently applied in profile research for:

  • Soil mapping.
  • Soil suitability reviews.
  • Educational purposes.
  • Root research.
  • Soil sampling for fertilization research.
  • Clay distribution research.
  • Paleontological research.


Single gouge auger set, standard set for sampling in more or less soft soils to a depth of 1 m.