Single Person Mechanical Rod Puller, Maximum 20 kN

Augering & soil sampling equipment
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Without too much effort the gouges can be extracted from the soil by using rod pullers, which can be provided in different designs.

The first gouge can easily be extracted using a rod puller fitted with a rod puller extension system (art. no.

If the gouge still is partially stuck in the top soil, then it can be removed using a lifting jack (art. no. 05.07.03) with lever and chain (art. no. 05.07.14). In case of the other (deeper) gouges, the mechanical rod puller can be placed directly on the surface of the soil.

The mechanical rod puller can be supplied in a 1- or a 2-man operated version. The 1-man operated mechanical rod puller (art. no. has a pull-up force of 20 kN and a usefull length of about 70 cm. The 2-man operated version (art. no. 04.18.50) has a pull-up force of 40 kN. Crow bars with a length of 1.9 m are supplied separately.

Once the gouge has been released it can be pulled from the bore hole using a ball clamp (art. nr. diameter 32-36 mm, with hand grips and a maximum pulling force of 40 kN.

The universal casing and rod puller clamp (art. no. 04.18.55) for use with clamping jaws has a diameter of 22-80 mm. To clamp rods or casings various clamping jaws can be used in it with a diameter of 32-45 mm and 50-54 mm. By using a filling ring the casing and rod puller clamp can be used in the mechanical rod puller.


Mechanical rod puller, 1-man operated, pull-up force 20 kN, useful length of about 70 mm, exclusive crow bar