23' Hard Soil Liner Sampler

Augering & soil sampling equipment
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With these sets, with conical screwthread connection, undisturbed soil samples can be taken in a thin walled tube applying a stainless steel core sampler with sample tubes and cutting head. In soft soils the sampler is pressed into the soil, possibly using the push-/pull handle. In hard soils the sampler tube can be driven into the soil using the hammer with two nylon heads (shock-absorbing) or the down-the-hole hammer. The set contains, among other things: a hand auger for pre- and clean drilling of the bore hole, the core sampler with sampler tubes and handle with beating head, thin walled sample tubes, impact-absorbing hammer, down-the-hole hammer and maintenance equipment.


The set is packed in an aluminium transport case. In case of an undisturbed sample it is often difficult to remove the sample from the sampler tube. By using sample liners it is easy to remove the sample from the tube. The thin-walled tube with the sample is sealed for transport to the laboratory.

Benefits Liner sampler set

  • Liner allows easy removal of sample
  • View the sample directly in the field
  • View the sample without touching
  • Set B more applicable for harder soils
  • Stainless steel sampler body


  • Liner will sorb volatiles


Samples are suitable for:

  • Soil fertility determinations.
  • assess of soil structure.
  • Volume weight determinations.
  • Determination of granular composition.
  • Soil technical measurements.
  • Field education.


Liner sampler, standard set for sampling in hard soils to a depth of 23'