Hand-operated Bailer Boring Auger Set, 23'

Augering & soil sampling equipment
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The standard bailer boring auger set is suitable for augerings to a depth of about 7 meter. The set is very suitable for in addition to exploratory soil augering and sampling inserting monitoring well pipes for groundwater level measurements and for sampling. This compact set can be carried easily in a station car and is easy to use in the field. It can be  used by one person.

The set contents include: various types of soil augers to reach the groundwater level, augers for the extraction of less-disturbed soil samples, extension rods, synthetic casing tubes with steel screw thread sockets, tube clamps with adjustable quick fastener for driving in and withdrawing the casing tubes, bailers with steel and synthetic valves, casing tube platforms for more ergonomic working, spare parts and various accessories. The set is delivered in two aluminium transport cases.

The bailer, an essential part of the set, is a stainless steel tube with a stainless steel or synthetic valve on the lower part. By moving the bailer rapidly up and down loose material will collect in the bailer. In principle, this takes place below the tube where space is available. This allows the casing tubes to be pushed deeper into the ground. When turning in the casing tubes, the casing shoe with the slotted notches protects the lower tube and simplifies the turning in of the casing tubes. In order to protect the top tube a steel casing head is provided. For the protection of the screw thread during transport special thread protectors are supplied.

The casing tube platforms are used in combination with the tube clamp. Bailing and driving in the casing tubes can be done in a more ergonomical way.

Benefits Hand operated bailer boring set

  • Perfect kit for all not too stony soils
  • Works above and below water level
  • For well installation as well as samplings
  • Extremely durable, sturdy light weight casings
  • Bailing-platform allows pushing casings down with body weight
  • Special bailers allow bailing stony sand layers
  • Non-contaminating components
  • The best way to install sampling wells at shallow depths


  • Can be extended with more rods and casings
  • Can be combined with longer piston sampler


Hand-operated bailer boring auger set for heterogeneous soils, standard set for augering to a depth of 23'. With unpainted augers for environmental research