Visit us at the NGWA 2017


Visit us at the NGWA in Nashville from the 5 until the 7th of December

What to see at the booth from Royal Eijkelkamp? The lastest and greatest true 150 Hz SRS PL, the smallest SmallRotoSonic rig in the world (only 6500LBS total weight).

Our brand new tier 4 MRS XL MAX with true 50k Sonic power!

The latest CRS XL Duo multipurpose CompactRotoSonic rig with 33k sonic- AND 1,000 rpm 4 speed rotary head for diamond coring or other conventional drilling technologies. This rig is also equipped with the ManipAll 200 for 100% hands of drill steel. On top of that this rig has an unique and original feature. The latest add-on a CPT apparatus. This unit swings in like a SPT hammer however turns your sonic (or other drill) into a 10- (22.000 LBS) or 20 ton (44000 LBS) cpt rig. This in combination with setting sonic casing through refusal layers and continue CPT is a new ERA in the drilling industry.

We don't stop innovating, it's our passion and your success.

Royal Eijkelkamp, meet the difference!!

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