The importance of groundwater monitoring


Groundwater monitoring is an essential element in any environmental information system. Based upon validated groundwater monitoring data, information is derived on which decisions can be made. Constant monitoring provides the necessary data input for your smart environment and is basically the basis of the decision making process concerning spatial planning and climate change adaptation. As in all cases the rule applies; one measurement is no measurement.

 When monitoring groundwater continuously you can:

  1. Monitor the long term sustainability of an aquifer as a safe and stable water supply and adjust appropriate policies accordingly.
  2. Identify subsurface contaminants, estimate the speed and direction of the contamination flow and narrow down the contamination sources.
  3. Manage groundwater levels and prevent damage by salt water intrusion, drought or flooding. The groundwater monitoring network provides the data on which measures can be designed and provides the information when to change the settings of your water management system.
  4. Adapt to climate change. The groundwater monitoring network will enable water boards and municipalities to timely issue drought or flood warnings and take appropriate mitigation measures.

In all, constant groundwater monitoring is essential to maintain or improve our water quality and ensure a constant water quantity. With over 100 years of experience in Soil and Water related projects, Eijkelkamp North America understands the implications and need for a high quality measurement network.

With Eijkelkamp Smart Sensoring you and your specific measurement needs are placed at the center of the solution. Based on your needs, we provide and implement the monitoring network including an online environment that enables you to gather insight into your groundwater issue.

Our solutions helped:


Complete Water Balance for Rijnland Water Authority  

’The management of water levels is in part under pressure due to climate change.’

 Smart Sensoring

From coal mining to water data mining

‘We save a hundred hours because all data is now automatically sent to the Eijkelkamp web portal.'


Baseline measurement Natura 2000 site Binnenveld  

‘For the preservation and improvement of the site, a baseline measurement will be established via monitoring.’

 dam safety

Water resources management in Turkey

Dam Safety and Reservoir Management

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