Get to the core with proven hand auger equipment


Presenting the Eijkelkamp Soil Auger line. The standard in soil research for over 100 years. Backed by years of development and experience, along with valued feedback from qualified soil researchers, Royal Eijkelkamp has optimized the designs for sampling in all soil types.


  • High-tensile strength forged auger bodies
  • Optimized auger body shapes
  • Non-toxic steel for all types of analysis
  • Quick-connect extension rods

Auger types

Edelman clay
The narrow blades of the Edelman clay auger make light work of dense, clay-rich soils. More...

Edelman combo
The combination auger effortlessly clutches sandy materials while allowing for more dense, clay-rich materials to be easily removed from the auger body. More...

Edelman Sand
The broad blades of the Edelman sand auger are the perfect solution for keeping an non-cohesive, sandy soil sample intact. More...

Edelman coarse sand
Coarse, sandy soils and extremely dry, sandy soils have little to no cohesion. The blades of the Edelman coarse sand auger offer extended wings resulting in an almost closed auger. More...

Riverside auger
The sharp extremities of the Riverside auger bits point downward resulting in a design particularly suited for augering hard, stiff soils containing fine gravel both above and below the ground water level. More...

Stony soil auger
The blades of this auger are best suited for soils with large gravel and high stone content. More...

Handmade by Craftsmen

Check out this video showing how the one and only Edelman auger is hand-crafted by the talented blacksmiths of Royal Eijkelkamp.


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