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bbe Moldaenke
German company bbe Moldaenke has been a leading producer of high-quality environmental technology products for over 20 years. bbe Moldaenke develops and manufactures water quality monitoring equipment and software. The equipment is used in oceanography and limnology, as well as for analysing drinking water and untreated water, monitoring swimming water quality, monitoring aquaculture systems and various environmental assessments.

Extensive range of products
The extensive bbe Moldaenke range of equipment is comprised of innovative spectrofluorometres with integrated algae classification system, and monitoring equipment for continuous toxicity monitoring.


A user-friendly and portable monitoring tool: switch on - dip in - read off! AlgaeTorch is also available in a fully online version.

More information about AlgaeTorch

In-situ monitoring tool for quick and easy measurement of chlorophyll levels in benthic algae.

More information about BenthoTorch


FluoroProbe III
Depth profiling tool for fast analysis of chlorophyll levels and algae categories.

More information about FluoroProbe III

Determines chlorophyll concentrations, algae categories and photosynthetic activity for scientific research and routine analysis.

More information about AlgaeLabAnalyser


Online measurement of chlorophyll concentrations, algae categories and photosynthetic activity.

More information about AlgaeOnlineAnalyser

Quick and easy tool for assessing chlorophyll levels in flowing water environments.

More information about AlgaeGuard



Quick, easy and extremely sensitive - the ultimate choice for monitoring ballast water!

More information about 10cells

DaphniaToximeter II
Biological early warning system using daphnia magna and computer-controlled video evaluation.

More information about DaphniaToximeter II


More information about bbe Moldaenke monitoring equipment
For more information, personal advice or to order bbe Moldaenke equipment, please contact our Sales Team: , 800-603-5708 or 919-694-1114.

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